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Headache free trailing doc retrieval. Your dream and our mission.

As a lender, you want to close loans and move them along to your investors. That’s it.

The in-between stage of trailing doc retrieval, processing, revising and shipping creates a necessary hurdle to the smooth and economical running of your operation and to your peace of mind. DocProbe was founded to allow you to focus on what matters most- closing and selling loans. We’ll take care of the rest.

A Legacy of Trust

DocProbe is proud to be part of the Madison family of companies, a national network of real estate companies providing effective solutions to a wide array of commercial and residential banking- related needs. Our partnership allows us to support our professional solutions with Madison’s infrastructure of industry expertise, extensive resources, and leadership.

A Culture of Solutions

At DocProbe we don’t think out of the box. We destroyed the box. Recognizing the inherent inefficiencies of the post-closing experience, we went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the process from the bottom up. Using technology as a platform, and personal dedication and innovation as the driver, we are committed to making trailing doc retrieval bring a smile to your face.

A Commitment to Partnership

We know the best solutions are built together. At DocProbe, we partner with every client to create targeted, customized services that work together with your team, business, and bottom line.

And we believe that real solutions go beyond the software. That’s why every DocProbe client works hand-in-hand with a dedicated account expert and an innovative, streamlined document fulfillment system—to address the challenges and provide the benefits that matter most.

A Confidence in Innovation

In a fast moving world, and a constantly changing industry, keeping pace requires staying informed of, and utilizing, the latest technology available. DocProbe is a market leader in the creation and usage of the most advanced software and systems.

Always listening, and always improving, we move forward to develop and create the solutions that our clients need as their business pivots with the times. In tandem with market changes, DocProbe continues to expand our capacities for e-loans, e-mortgages, and the technology standards of the future.

Spotlight On: E-Mortgages

DocProbe is fully prepared to handle your new e-mortgages documentation. We offer our clients digital intake, storage, and shipping to your investors with the efficient process that moves as fast as the modern market.

Over a Decade of Committed Solutions: Our Founding Story
Pillar of strength
Post 2007-2008, as the real estate market lagged, residential lenders looked to reduce excessive overhead, while doubling their efforts to grow. Focused on originating and closing loans, one mid-sized residential mortgage lender in particular found themselves overwhelmed with tracking and handling their trailing documents.
Lacking the manpower and efficiencies they needed to keep up with their post-loan process operations, Madison's clients turned to them for assistance in tracking and processing their documents.
Vision for the future
Realizing the extent of this industry-wide problem, Madison launched DocProbe---an immediate trailing document solution that adapts to the mortgage industry.
DocProbe was born as a company of efficiencies: helping lenders grow by taking ownership of their post closing-trailing documents process with streamlined operations and innovative technology that promised to revolutionize the industry.
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