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A pricing model that works for your bottom line

DocProbe's innovative, per-loan fee structure is tailored towards your budget
delivering flexible costs, faster turnaround, and reduced, fixed overhead.

Your fulfillment costs adjust in sync with your volume, reducing overhead during slow periods, and controlling the rush to ramp up as sales increase.
Here’s how we
lower yourdocument costs
Pay per loan - not per month.
With our per-loan fee structure, you take control of your document fulfillment costs. With DocProbe, you pay only for the files you need, when you need them, based on your monthly loan reports. That means no more fixed overhead—just variable ops costs that adjusts according to your volume.
Innovative processes to lower your costs
High efficiency means lower costs per loan
Our unique process streamlines your post-closing experience, trimming down the complications, delays, and workforce that drive up your costs. With DocProbe’s tried-and-true automated process, lenders benefit from lower operation costs, expedited fulfillment, and reliable results without the markup.
Pay for services and nothing more
No shipping fees, no penalties, no long-term contracts.
We’ve sidelined the extra costs of doing business by providing powerful document fulfillment with your costs in mind. With reduced costs and our no investor penalty fee promise, you can maximize your budget for the document services you need, without any surprises.
“DocProbe allowed us to move our Trailing Docs function to a variable cost model while adding operational efficiency. This move allows us to focus on building our business.”
Adam Mason
President, Gershman Mortgage
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